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France's Trial 'Solar Road' Has Failed

French Trial 'Solar Highway' Has Been Unsuccessful

This specific idea is  an awesome illustration of spending budget on absurd things. When every single engineer with a note paper and a pencil foreseen the ineffectiveness of Solar Road, the eurocrats proceeded to waste taxpayer money vigorously.

If compared to commercialized solar panel installation, that gets a frequent cleanup, maintenance and has the solar panel efficiently oriented to the Sun, the solar road will never ever gain the same overall performance! Simply because it constantly looks at the Sun with the exact same, not effective angle and is repeatedly shadowed by moving vehicles!

The second stupid concept is using engineering in attempts to build the solar highway damage resistant. The highway construction industry improved the cost effectiveness for hundreds of years. Replacing the highway coat with expensive solar cells will ruin the Return Of Investment for both: the road itself and solar energy projects.

I've truly serious doubts regarding solar highways being a part of the nearby future. They may waste lots of euros and do numerous research campaigns, and it still definitely be in vain.




Science Finds Exactly the Right Amount of Coffee You Should Drink a Day

Four cups of strong coffee a day might be the recipe for a healthy heart, especially for older adults.

A team of German researchers, led by the molecular biologists, thinks it has discovered clues about how coffee works. Its caffeine-fueled magic on our heart health and how much caffeine we should drink each day to see the best benefits.

By studying caffeinated lab mice and dosing human tissues with caffeine, the researchers discovered how a jolt of the stimulant could improve the way cells inside our blood vessels work. By making certain proteins inside older adult cells perform more like young and nimble ones.

"When you drink four to five cups of espresso, that seems to improve the function of the powerhouses of our cells, and therefore seems to be protective."


Scientists have for years noticed that people who drink coffee seem to be less likely to die from all sorts of causes, including heart disease, stroke, or diabetes. Coffee is also associated with a whole host of other health benefits, including a lower risk of liver disease (cirrhosis), a lower risk of developing certain kinds of cancer, lower rates of dementia and Alzheimer's, and a reduced risk of depression. It's also great for your heart.

If you don't like the taste, green tea has similar levels of caffeine and could also be an effective way to boost heart health. It's important not to overdo it with the new recommendation, as too much coffee can quicken your heartbeat and cause other health problems. But drinking up to six cups a day should be OK.

One caveat: The study wasn't done in humans - only in human tissues and lab mice. What works in a hyper-controlled environment of mice, dosed with very specific amounts of caffeine, may not be the same as what happens when you drink a cup of joe at home.




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